Immunosuppression refers to an action that reduces the what are side effects of prednisone efficiency of immune system. This technique used in the treatment of several medical conditions. Sometimes this intentionally introduced to prevent the immune system to reject human organ transplant which otherwise make it impossible to successfully transplant. Prednisone is what are side effects of prednisone synthetically produced cortisteroid to effect immunosuppression. The main disadvantage is that the drug by reducing the action of immune system makes the patient vulnerable to many infectious diseases. Prednisone is used to combat certain inflammatory diseases and some types of cancer with high doses of the drug. Prednixone was first isolated and the structure studies in 1954 by Hershal Herzog. And Schering Corporation first synthesised the product in 1955. The effect of the drug was demonstrated to have effects of enhanced activity of adrenocorticoid. The drug was released in market in 1960 under the trade name under the m name Meticorten and Meticortelone. Though Prednsone can be taken orally, it also can be administered what are side effects of prednisone as intramuscular (IM) or intravenous (IV) injection. The active ingredient is called Prednisolone which is a what are side effects of prednisone steroid. Uses of Prednsone: It is administered for various conditions such as asthma, rheumatic disorders copd (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease allergic disorders, adreno-cortical insufficiency, cancer induced hypercalcemia, thyroiditis, advanced tuberculosis and host of other diseases. It is also given as a treatment of migraine headaches and aphthous ulcers. It is a part of the administration of medication intended to prevent the rejection after organ transplant. Side effects of Prednisone: Like all glucocorticoids it induces high blood glucose and the effect is more severe prednisone side effects in children price">prednisone 20 mg price in patients with diabetes mellitus or under the medication which are known to increase blood glucose. There are other short effects like what does prednisone do to your body conditions called mineralocorticoid effects seen by fluid retention, insomnia, euphoria, and even mania. The effect of weakening immune system will make the patient susceptible to all kind of infections. This calls for extra protection from getting in contact with persons carrying any infectious diseases when the patient is on Prednislne regime. The conditions can be severe and fatal also. Long term effects of Prednisone are of more serious nature. They include truncal weight increase, type II diabetes mellitus, Cushings syndrome, osteoporosis, cataracts, glaucoma and depression. Other major side effects observed are increase in blood sugar levels in diabetic patients, difficulty in control of emotions, disturbances seen in mental efficacy, gain of weight, swelling of face, depression and mania. Other serious conditions are extreme fatigue, vision impairment, pain in body joints like hips and shoulder, long term migraine, ulcers, insomnia, over all pains in joints, anxiety and osteoporosis etc. Development of Dependency of the drug: If the medicine is administered for more than seven days Adrenal suppression will occur. This may ultimately result in body loosing ability to produce corticosteroids and will create dependency on Prednisone and this has to be taken into consideration while giving this drug. The drug is offered under the prescription of a medical practitioner only. Prices: It is available at price of about 80 to 100 for 90 count pills of. Compare Prednisone Prices. Prednisone is used to treat the diseases or their symptoms caused by low level of corticosteroids or some other conditions of people whose level of corticosteroids is normal. These are the cases of arthritis (certain types allergic reactions (severe cases multiple sclerosis (when the functions of nerves are not proper lupus (a condition when the organs are attacked by the organism) and some other conditions effecting lungs, eyes, skin, kidneys blood, stomach, thyroid. Cancer of some certain types are also sometimes treated with Prednisone. Prednisone refers to the corticosteroids class of medications. It replaces the coticosteroids within a human body which must be normally and naturally produced by the organism.

What is a normal dose of prednisone

Safety medical, home, drugs, prednisone, prednisone is an anti-inflammatory that is used for all sorts of medical treatment programs involving a wide range of diseases, chronic pain afflictions, and other various disorders. Consequently, the what is a normal dose of prednisone dosages will vary and are often increased and decreased incrementally over the course of the treatment program. The common practice of prescribing physicians is to gradually lessen the dosage as the patient becomes no longer in need of the prednisone so as not to shock the body's system and cause further medical conditions to arise. The initial dosages for prednisone will vary from prednisone 5 mg to prednisone 60 mg, depending on the ailment or affliction for which it is prescribed. Some of the usual conditions include arthritis, Crohn's Disease, lupus, and severe allergic reactions of the skin. But because prednisone is a form of steroid, its uses are wide ranging, and therefore, its dosages follow suit accordingly. For example, prednisone is used as a maintenance therapy drug for Addison's Disease where adults might be required to ingest a very small amount of prednisone 5mg in the morning as well as in the evening before bed. This dosage also works well in the treatment of congenital adrenal hyperplasia. It is not uncommon to begin with this prednisone 5 mg dosage for patients recovering from kidney transplant surgeries. Gradually, over the course of the treatment program, the patient's dosage will be increased incrementally by the physician to prednisone 10 mg on to prednisone 20 mg and perhaps as high as prednisone 60mg at the highest state. Again, as the need for the drug decreases, the dosage will decrease incrementally again as well. For some diseases and disorders, the physician may begin the dosage at a higher rate other than prednisone. For treatment of multiple myeloma, the standard beginning dosage is prednisone 20 mg again increasing to prednisone. The prescribing physician will always warn the patient to pay strict adherence to the administering of the medication. Timely and scheduled what is a normal dose of prednisone intake of the drug is highly important, what is a normal dose of prednisone and if a patient happens to miss a dosage, they are not to double dose on the next scheduled time. This could cause severe reactions or harmful side effects, perhaps derailing the treatment program off course altogether. The ultimate level of dosage for the treatment program will be decided by the prescribing physician based on the patient's medical history and specific individual disorder. Should the patient begin to exhibit any possible side effects, he or she is instructed to inform the prescribing medical professional immediately. Dosages may then be altered based upon this new information and at the discretion of the attending physician. 3.26 / 5 32 votes (click to rate this article) facebook twitter google more, copyright. The information on this website is not intended for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Reaction to prednisone

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