This was something that I wanted to figure out pretty quickly. Enablers are things that would help me on my journey and blockers – well they were the things that would put up barriers for me or obstacles.

I sat down with a piece of paper and drew two columns. I started out with all the things that I thought would help me. I knew that I wanted to do some exercise and I also knew that going to the gym was not something that I wanted to do (I will blog more about raising self confidence and self-esteem at another time). So, I wanted to exercise and do something everyday to move my body so I invested in an exercise bike – this was my first enabler. My list continued with items such as ‘find support’ and ‘watch my progress on My Fitness Pal’ also ‘set small achievable goals’.

I then moved onto what blocks me. This included items such as ‘having rubbish food in the house’ and ‘going shopping when I’m hungry’. I also wrote down impulse control (again this is something I will blog more about later). But I knew that not being able to control my emotions or impulses would be a blocker for me.

When I had my list of enablers and blockers I then started working on them.

This might be a good place to start for you if you are looking to make changes – essentially you are asking yourself ‘what will help me and what will diminish me?’.

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