The first place I started on my journey was to think about habits. I wanted to get myself into some good habits, so I started to look into how to do this. University College London carried out an interesting piece of research on habits to see if they could find out how long it takes to form a new habit. The outcome was that something relatively easy to do (such as drink a glass of water with breakfast) became habitual within about 20 days. Activities that are a lot harder took a lot longer and some didn’t become a ‘habit’ within the time frame of the experiments (approximately 80 days).

If we think about this it makes sense – habits are something you don’t need to think about, they are something you automatically do such as brushing your teeth. If you are going to do an activity then it would seem that getting into a routine is the best bet (well from the evidence I could find anyway).

So, with that in mind I set up my first routine – and that was to log everything I was eating – I had to know where I was starting right? There are some great apps out there that allow you to do this – I used My Fitness Pal.

Getting into the routine of knowing what I was doing each day helped me firstly to notice what exactly was going on and then to start making changes.

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